Knowledge Validity Start and Cease Definition Output Accept


BYTE Publish: Next a start off problem, a create operationrequires a 7-bit details word tackle and a very low write bit. Uponreceipt of this address, the EEPROM will yet again respondwith a zero after which clock during the first 8-bit details term. Fol-lowing receipt from the 8-bit info term, the EEPROM will out-put a zero and the addressing system, these kinds of as amicrocontroller, should terminate the write sequence with astop condition.

Right now the EEPROM enters an inter-nally-timed generate cycle into the nonvolatile memory. All inputsare disabled through this write cycle , tWR, along with the EEPROMwill not respond right until the compose is total.

Web site Compose: The AT24C01 is capable of the 4-byte pagewrite.A web page generate is initiated similar to a byte publish but themicrocontroller isn’t going to mail a stop condition soon after the firstdata word is clocked in. Alternatively, after the EEPROMacknowledges receipt from the initial info term, the microcon-troller can transmit approximately a few much more knowledge terms.

TheEEPROM will answer having a zero soon after every knowledge wordreceived. The microcontroller have to terminate the pagewrite sequence by using a end affliction.The data word address decrease 2 bits are internally incre-mented following the receipt of each details term.

The higherfive information word tackle bits aren’t incremented, retainingthe memory site row location. When the word handle,internally produced, reaches the website page boundary, the fol-lowing byte is put at the beginning from the very same web page.

Ifmore than four facts words are transmitted for the EEPROM,the info word tackle will “roll over” and former facts willbe overwritten.



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