The exam, white must know! Restrictions on the conditions of application for different education examinations

For companies wanting to pass the examination 一年碩士課程by participating in the study of the partners, is still in the development stage of the fumbling, in order to be able to help us all more in-depth understanding of the students to study matters, this article collated about the conditions of China’s different academic qualifications to apply for graduate school, for your reference.

Bachelor’s degree graduates

Graduate school for this major.

Due to my interest I want to continue my further study. Then choose a higher level of research and education in this major.

Graduate school is to have a paper diploma, you can choose this school or two regional colleges and universities, relatively speaking, it is not difficult… Graduate schools are for prestige, but of course, prestigious schools are not so easy to take, and you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Interprofessional exams:Interprofessional is not the same as this major, and it is relatively difficult to take the exam. So, first of all, you need to know the difficulty of interdisciplinary examinations. The second thing you need to know is whether you are interdisciplinary for better employment or because you are not interested in your undergraduate major and want to choose one that interests you to continue your education, so that you can understand why you are taking the exam.

University graduates of higher specialized schools

This major requires a hard exam: a college degree requires two years of work experience, and the university undergraduate graduate students to achieve the same learning ability, at the same time, the requirements for university to college students to take the exam is different. Therefore, need to understand the professional students of the examination, can take the examination of the institution first of all what is there? Secondly, the professional subjects need to increase the research exam review, and finally, many well-known schools do not accept the professional subjects adjustment, you need to give due consideration to the target school. Interprofessional graduate entrance examination: many institutions do not accept interprofessional examinations, such as Capital Medical University, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing International University, etc., need to have a clear understanding of the university’s policy.

Party school correspondence graduates

Party school correspondence course is actually an inherent training for the party to improve the theoretical and business level of party members and build a high quality party cadre team. Relevant documents stipulate: “Party school correspondence course graduates shall not enjoy the same treatment as national education qualifications.” . Please confirm the specific requirements with the applicant.

Have obtained a master’s degree or a doctorate degree.

For our type of candidates, since China can already decide to take another one, choose yourself a business expertise in the field of comparative research authority, or a more prestigious institutions. Or the institution where the supervisor is more authoritative in the industry. Otherwise, studying for another university master’s degree is not much necessary to get. Note: The consent of the city school is needed before the enrollment of the current graduate students.

Other degrees

. Adult higher education examination graduates (including adult college graduates, adult university graduates, former undergraduate graduates)

Self-taught higher education examination (including self-taught undergraduates and self-taught college graduates) Students who have graduated from general colleges and universities but have not graduated from general colleges and universities. There are many restrictions. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates who apply as candidates of the same academic ability should take the examinations of colleges and universities carefully and choose schools where they can easily take the examinations, or schools where the examinations are less difficult, and the final result is to take the examinations of graduate students. Get what you want.

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