Do anti-sensitive toothpastes work for sensitive teeth?

Many people do not have “sore teeth!” Reaction? “Most people have experienced toothache, 去牙漬牙膏 a slight soreness in the teeth, and a heavy inability to do anything, even pain. In addition, when eating cold food or hot soup, once you touch your teeth, you will immediately have tooth sensitivity soft or painful feeling, I believe that many people have this uncomfortable experience, this is “tooth sensitivity”.

Tooth allergy is an oral environment in which one or more teeth will react with soreness due to constant changes in hot and cold temperatures, dietary occlusion, external cultural stimulation, and changes in osmotic pressure, and is often found in clinical settings that affect patients with tooth exposure problems, or other causes without tooth loss. The structure of the dentin is made up of many dentin tubules. If there are some special important reasons for the analysis of the wear of our teeth, if the enamel is worn out, the function of self-protection of the pulp is lost, so that the inner layer of ivory is exposed and the dentin tubules are exposed to the air. When exposed to various external economic stimuli, especially when eating colder, hotter or sweeter foods, the fluid in the dentin tubules can generate corporate flow funds and thus tug on the peripheral circulation nerves of the dental pulp, resulting in a sore feeling between the teeth.

The common causes of tooth wear and tooth sensitivity are: improper oral hygiene practices, such as the use of toothbrushes with bad bristles, the use of tooth powder, incorrect brushing methods or over-controlled force, resulting in tooth enamel wear, gum tissue atrophy, and exposed tooth substance. In addition, abnormal biting, night grinding or betel nut chewing can cause the enamel of the teeth to be severely reduced and the gums to atrophy, resulting in the exposure of the roots of the teeth.

Eating acidic or sweet foods, such as coke and other carbonated beverages, can easily lead to surface erosion, especially on the neck of the teeth, which can expose the tooth essence and cause tooth sensitivity. Other dental treatments such as teeth whitening, bleaching or grinding, and poor oral hygiene can cause acidification of oral plaque and caries, which can lead to soreness and tooth sensitivity if the tooth matrix is affected again.

At the clinic, the dentist will first confirm whether the patient has a “dental hypersensitivity”. The dentist will use the patient’s oral examination, medical history, percussion, periodontal examination, occlusion, x-rays, etc. to diagnose the cause of the pain as caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, tooth and neck abrasions or other problems. Because some decayed or poorly filled teeth, abnormal occlusion, excessive bite depletion, nighttime grinding and other overfunctioning teeth may also cause tooth soreness and sensitivity.

However, these problematic symptoms must be treated with caries filling enterprises or root canal treatment, bite plate design and fabrication, and even with community orthodontic and filling treatment, in order to be a correct and effective treatment method. Once it is determined that the soreness in your teeth is due to sensitivity caused by the exposure of the dentinal tubules in the neck of the teeth, the dentist will treat the student appropriately for the degree and condition of the dentinal tubules.

Many people often use toothpastes to treat tooth sensitivity. In general, some toothpastes can even achieve the effect of sensitivity learning. Most of the desensitizing toothpastes can make use of students with soluble salts, such as fluoride, oxalate, calcium complexes, etc., which can have important interactions with the ions in the teeth, forming insoluble crystals to block the opening of the dentinal tubules to achieve effective reduction of the patient’s tooth sensitivity.

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