Which is better: chicken, chicken essence, chicken soup or chicken drip? Chinese medicine will tell you which is best.

What exactly is the difference between dripping 滴雞精功效chicken essence and chicken essence? Concentration culture level? Or the value of nutrition education for students? Chicken essence and chicken essence drip are considered to be their own postpartum tonic holy grail, with the effect of replenishing amino acids in our bodies, although the effects presented can develop differently due to the way the production teaching is carried out.

In order for you to better understand the difference between them, the director of teaching in the Chinese Medicine Therapy Clinic, 滴雞精月經Lien Wing Cheung, has made a comparison between “chicken, chicken soup, chicken essence and chicken essence drip” and the result has absolutely will surprise you!

Chicken v.s chicken soup

In fact, the composition obtained from 滴雞精好處direct consumption of chicken is the most complete, can absorb protein, fat, calcium, trace elements, etc., has a rich nutritional value, but the protein molecules are very large, it takes a long time to convert into amino acids needed by the body, and through the teeth and digestive tract, and finally absorbed by the stomach and stomach, if you have a bad stomach or sick, absorption will be reduced.

As for chicken broth, it can extract chicken fat, colloids, micronutrients, etc. It can also break down proteins into amino acids. However, as mentioned above, it takes a long time for the protein to be fully transformed and the process of cooking chicken broth is often short, with limited amino acids that can be absorbed by the body and relatively low nutritional value.

Chicken essence v.s drip chicken

As far as the ingredients are concerned, chicken essence and drip chicken essence are taken from chicken meat, and the essence of chicken meat is also extracted in an optimized form to remove impurities and grease for human consumption; however, due to different production processes and different breeds of chickens, the nutritional composition may also vary.

In the case of chicken essence, because of the need for mass production, a large amount of Chinese water will be added to boil, and then do the centrifugal action, and finally we will concentrate it into pure protein and amino acids, but because of the need to add a large amount of water reduction, the nutritional education value may be diluted; as for the drop of chicken essence to slow fire thermostat control way to boil, the process can not add to choose any student a drop of water, and generally use the working hours up to 15 hours or more, chicken meat The protein in the chicken can be more abundantly converted into amino acids , to facilitate the study of the human body through absorption.

In terms of the chicken species used, most of the chicken essence using white chicken, while the chicken essence is the choice of black-bone chicken, black-feathered chicken and other wild native chicken. The type of chicken chosen will affect its nutritional value.

Dr. Lien Yongxiang said that if the nutritional value is divided into chicken > drop chicken essence > chicken essence > chicken soup, but he also reminded that in the end, it depends on your situation, such as after giving birth or after a serious illness, you can choose drop chicken essence and chicken essence to supplement the body nutrition; healthy friends, it is recommended to eat chicken soup and chicken soup directly because of the high nutritional value.

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