Six major trends in the direction of e-commerce

Because of technical and social factors, e-commerce will produce many shifts. I will describe.

First, augmented reality technology will be popular recognition, augmented reality technology simulation simulates my ecommerce payment platforms shopping experience, allowing customers to query the shape or appearance of goods in these people’s body a home. Customers who apply AR will be able to see it cover up immediately when they click on a product, no matter where they will bias their mobile terminals. When customers can inquire about products from every conceivable perspective and subsequently develop an interactive 360-degree experience, they will be able to better understand the value of use that products can give. Smartphones, AR glasses, and other handheld and smart wearable devices will give many of these feelings, and AR consumers are an example of this, as they have long allowed customers to inquire about products in an ecological environment before shopping.

This helps to ensure that the goods are particularly suitable for the predicted primary use. This facilitates users to make smart decisions quickly when selecting the well-known brands they want to buy. What most people don’t realize is that augmented reality is likely to be more widespread than virtual reality, and prototype fabrication Grandview scientific research shows that virtual reality will be worth $67 billion worldwide in 2028. In comparison, the global market value of augmented reality technology use in 2028 will be 340 billion. This represents a global market for augmented reality technology that is potentially five times larger than that of virtual reality technology. The actual global market.

Second, digital currency is likely to become a universal payment method that attracts a large number of customers, especially Generation Z and Millennials well-known brands will have to accommodate as many payment methods as possible. Over the next decade, the price rise of digital currencies is likely to gradually stabilize, which will make them a tempting payment option for large corporations such as Amazon and medium and large payment solution companies such as PayPal. Most notably, most digital currencies apply blockchain to tally buying and selling. For the most part, blockchain is a shared database system that allows multiple parties to browse data information and authenticate data information in instant blockchain technology prompting changes, deciphering or derailing the system to become increasingly difficult or unlikely. According to Grandview’s scientific research, the worldwide market for blockchain application sales will increase from 6 billion in 2021 to 395 billion in 2028. With blockchain adoption increasing at this scale, this is as much as 65 times higher in just mine box two years. In most areas, the level of understanding of blockchain technology and virtual currencies is much higher.

Third, independent delivery drones are likely to become popular. It can solve and automation technology is not the same total number of deliveries, all of which do not need to be controlled by humans. The advantages of automated technology delivery for e-commerce are numerous. They include rate and delivery time, reduced freight logistics cost fees based on reduced liabilities, reduced labor incorrectness, reduced CO2 emissions and customer satisfaction. AmazonPrimeAir applies small drones to send packages weighing about 5 pounds in 30min or less. Amazon has been developing the design and testing of the service platform based on PrimeAir development centers in the U.S., U.K., Austria, France and Israel. in August 2020, Amazon received permission from the FAA to be able to operate its key international air freight unmanned aircraft to safely and efficiently deliver packages to customers. In addition to this, UPS Ford Flight is the first international airline to receive full validation from the U.S. government agencies for unmanned aircraft.

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