Computer digital control precision machining

CNC is also called computer gongs, CNCCH or CNC machine tools is actually a call over in Hong Kong, general CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control of precision machining, CNC machining lathe, card payment providers CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring and milling machine, etc..

Called computer gongs, CNCCH or CNC machine tools is actually a call over in Hong Kong, later introduced into the mainland Pearl River Delta, in fact, is the CNC milling machine, in Guang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, someone called “CNC machining center” mechanical processing, is a new processing technology, the main work is the preparation of processing procedures, that is, the original manual work into the computer cnc milling service programming. Of course, you need to have the experience of manual processing.

CNC lathe feed processing route refers to the turning tool from the point of tooling (or machine fixed origin) to start the movement, until the return to the point and end of the processing program after the path, including the path of s17+ antminer cutting processing and tool cutting, cutting out and other non-cutting empty stroke path.

The feed route of finishing is basically along the order of its part contour, so the focus of the work to determine the feed route is to determine the roughing and empty stroke feed route.

In CNC lathe machining, the determination of the machining route generally follows the following principles.

①It should be able to ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the machined workpiece.

②Make the machining route the shortest, reduce the empty travel time and improve the machining efficiency.

③Simplify the workload of numerical calculation and simplify the machining procedure as much as possible.

④For some reused programs, subroutines should be used.

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