Feeding with milk powder: five points to note when brewing milk powder

We always advocate breastfeeding, but not all mothers bb奶粉are eligible to breastfeed, usually using mixed feeding or artificial feeding due to illness or inadequate breastfeeding, etc. Formula feeding is not an easy task and requires a lot of attention.

Proper consistency. Be sure to follow the recommended 奶粉比較milk powder ratio packaging, do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the concentration of milk powder, milk powder too thin or too thick are not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. Milk powder is too thin nutrition and energy is too low, long-term consumption of baby’s growth and development, and milk powder is too thick, will increase the burden on children’s kidneys, increasing the risk of kidney stones, intestinal necrosis.

The water temperature is moderate. Most of the milk 母乳餵哺powder brewing water temperature is recommended to be lower than 70 ℃, generally between 40 ℃ to 55 ℃, or even lower, in order to maximize the protection of the activity of the nutrients in the milk powder. This temperature range is relatively ideal for the solubility of milk powder brewed, after brewing can quickly reach the appropriate temperature for the baby’s entrance.

Correct development sequence. The correct brewing steps are to add water first to adjust the water temperature, then adjust the correct and reasonable amount as well as the amount of water according to your child’s milk volume and bottle scale, and finally we add some appropriate amount of milk powder according to the instructions on the milk powder can, and rub the rotating bottle horizontally to dissolve the milk powder.

No more boiling. Further boiling will cause the protein, vitamins and other nutrients in the milk powder to change and lose their original nutritional value. It is recommended to drink within 1 hour after preparation and keep refrigerated for up to 2 hours.

Rinse with water. Many parents believe that mineral water is rich in minerals, so they choose mineral water. In fact, the minerals in the formula itself can meet the needs of infants. If the milk is rinsed again with mineral water, it will overload the milk with minerals, causing digestive problems for the infant and may also be a burden on the kidneys. tAP water is recommended. It is convenient to boil ordinary tap water and then let it cool to refill the milk powder. Of course, if you find abnormalities in the drinking water at home (such as color, smell, taste), you can also use pure water to adjust the formula.

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